757 Doesn’t Suck: Norfolk Ramen at Chin’s Cafe

It’s time for another edition of 757 Doesn’t Suck.  This week we’re headed to Chin’s Cafe for their weekly restaurant-within-a-restaurant, Norfolk Ramen.

I came across this place completely by accident.  During weekend downtime I tend to lounge around on a family-oriented internet forum about cats and knitting.  They have a subforum dedicated to food which I pop into every two weeks or so when I want to drool over photos people take of the things they’ve cooked.  It really is amazing how many people keep a DSLR in their kitchen.  There was a thread titled “Norfolk Ramen” and, like anyone who has a chip on their shoulder about living in a medium-sized metro, I just assumed it had something to do with the Norfolk in the U.K.  As it turned out, the thread was about Chin’s Cafe on Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk, VA – served me right for assuming otherwise.  Every Sunday Chin’s serves a selection of ramen noodle bowls in addition to their regular menu and call it Norfolk Ramen.

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I Don’t Know If I’d Call This An Antique

I was walking around Smithfield with my friend Megan yesterday and we stopped at an antique shop after it turned out Aunt Meg wasn’t at the Smithfield Ice Cream Shop that day.  We came across this on one of the shelves and it made me think of Xzibit:

Yo dawg, I herd you like sponges, so we put a sponge in yo sponge so you can sponge while you sponge.

I’m Glad Someone Is Noticing That About USA

It’s amazing how far CollegeHumor has come.  It feels like just yesterday I was checking it every day to see if someone from my school that I knew submitted a picture of her tits.  Dith’s pierced nipples don’t seem to be there anymore, but there sure is a lot of professional-looking content in its place!

They should bring back Dith’s pierced nipples.  They gotta have them somewhere.

(College Humor)

List of the Week: 5 Head Coach Dilemmas – Call the Athletic Director or the Cops?

This week the world of college football was rocked by the revelation that beloved Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky was a serial child rapist.  I, personally, was amazed that a team in the Big Ten could actually find a new way to suck – even moreso when it turned out to be a team other than Ohio State.  Sandusky was caught in red-penised red-handed by a Graduate Assistant in 2002 who went on to join Head Coach Joe Paterno’s coaching staff.  The Assistant reported the incident to Paterno, who then informed the school’s Athletic Director that Sandusky is a…uh…let’s say “4chan user” when it comes to sex.  Paterno then went about his business quasi-coaching a football team that needed a new head coach 20 years ago, never to think of it again.

Alright, well in retrospect I guess this looks pretty bad

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