Hey, Wha’ Happened?

If you watch as much PBS as I do, which you probably shouldn’t, you may have heard that Fred Willard would be hosting a spinoff of Antiques Roadshow in the near future.  Antiques Roadshow was that show about experts appraising estate furniture at convention centers around the country.  Once an episode someone’s grandmother’s candle holder would turn out to have been carved from a unicorn’s horn and be worth six figures.  Remember when your mom turned into a hoarder in 2002?  That was because of Antiques Roadshow.

Fred Willard is really funny.  He was great in Best of Show and A Mighty Wind, easily the funniest person in both films.   His show is titled Market Warriors, and it doesn’t really matter how it’s different from Antiques Roadshow because you probably checked out when I said “PBS” and are skimming this article for bolded words and links.  Tits!  You’re welcome.   Continue reading